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  About i+m

  The fabulous i+m Team

We do work at i+m! And not just for the sake of money, but because it makes sense, got purpose and is fun. We are a small, motivated team with many talents. And we are always open for questions of all sorts: about products, packaging, ingredients, orders, activities, co-operations, i+m background, merchant information, press information, photo material,…! 

Sales & Agency Manager / Key-Account Management

Temperamental, but with a cheerful serenity she has been cracking the hardest sales nuts for i+m for years. Positive pressure and mild chaos lets her run at full speed. In addition she is a passionate Tango dancer, convinced vegetarian and cloth-cycles cast off clothing instead of throwing it away. 

write Gordana

Office Management / Customer Service / Online Shop / Accounting

She's always got an open ear and unfailingly a friendly word for every costumer and all sorts of questions.  Together with Max she lifts reliably the accounting and organizes patiently the creative chaos at i+m.  The enthusiastic gospel choir singer is in addition our volunteer person in charge for all things regarding sustainability.

write dörte

Office Management / Customer Service / Online Shop / Accounting

He's got the hot wire straight to our storehouse and is "first choice" for every one that calls i+m. Together with Dörte he always got a ready answer to any ever so tricky question – always  likeable, friendly and solution oriented. He loves the varied word at i+m and commutes to the office daily on his bicyle.

write max

Supply and Production Manager

Always good-humored he is tirelessly on the search for new Fair-Trade partners and exquisite raw materials for i+m. Despite continuous telephone operations he is always open for any inquieries and functions as fire extinguisher in all areas on fire. He is a enthusiastic hobby gardener and do-it-yourselfer, and always uses the appropriate container to recycle and through away garbage.

write Dominik

Sales Manager / Head of Logistics

She faces the daily challenges of the turbulent sales day to day life with a generous helping of humor and transforms herself into a true efficiency diamond when under work pressure. She never leaves the house without a cloth bag and passionately cooks with the fresh ingredients of her parents' garden.



With enthusiasm and an infallible good nose she chases fragrances for i+m products and at the same time cares for everything and everybody else . From idea generating to problem solving to restaurant recommendations – she is well versed. And genetically engineered food will not make its way into the animal lover's surfing beginner's grocery bag.

write Verena

Senior Brand & Communication Manager / Design / Marketing / PR / Social Media

An incurable optimist with integrated idea-finding-function around all sorts of questions about design. She is a true allrounder and humor is her motivation. She is responsible for all the outside-communication of i+m. Furthermore she is passionate about practicing direct democracy and loves indulging in delicious organic food.

write Sylke

CEO / Product- & Brand Development / Design / Marketing

He is a patient final person-in-charge with a tendency for spontanous ideas. At i+m he passionately shapes and designs the brand, products and the company's vision. He is a sophisticated aesthete and a huge advocat for social justice, who equally likes to practice yoga, to meditate and to play golf
( and feels ashamed that he feels ashamed about the latter ).

write Jörg

CEO/ Contact Person Women's Shelter for Africa in Zambia

He retired from the operating business and he dedicated his time especially to the Women's Shelter in Zambia founded by i+m. The life affirming hobby gardener tries to offset the CO2 pollution of the many long distance flights, visiting the women's shelter, by cultivatig native fruits and vegetables in his garden – and consuming them.

write Bernhard

Online Marketing / Social Media / Cooperation

She is the organized cooperations/communications interface at i+m. Together with her team-mate Sylke she manages everything online marketing and social media. All forms of lists, online analysis and beautiful pictures on Instagram are the cherries on her daily work cake. She also treasures a real passion for house plants, hand-knitted things and avocados from her father's garden in Nicaragua.

write Luisa

Graphic Design

Born in France she has been living in Berlin for 10 years, but just now, here at i+m is she truly learning the finesse of the German language. She does her graphic magic part time for i+m, from lables to exhibition stands, all in superb quality. The whole blood musician and DJ is also a big fan of nature protection and avoids unnecessary use of plastic.

write Marine

Jobs at i+m

Currently our i+m team is complete. But as soon as we are looking for more fabulous people to grow our team, we will let you know right here.