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Fair Initiatives

Fair Trade Shea Butter from Uganda

Due to the Ugandan charcoal industry, shea trees in are an endangered species. To save these tree populations and to guarantee fair wages to locals, our Fair Trade partner Nilotica started trading the nuts produced by the trees. Moo Yao— butter extracted from shea nuts—is a characteristic element of traditional Ugandan skin care. Soothing to the skin soothing and helping to prevent premature aging, shea butter is an valuable ingredient in our own products as well. Here you’ll find more information about the project. (Sorry, only in German so far)

  • Traditional grinding process of shea nuts

  • Sheanuts

  • Drying of sheanuts

  • Sheanut press

  • Sheabutter trees

  • traditional boiling down of sheabutter

  • P1150594 sheabutter

  • P1150899 sheabutter

  • Sheanuts