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  Women’s Shelter Zambia

i+m Women’s Shelter in Zambia

  Actions speak louder than words. That is our motto, when we talk about common goods and meaningful initiatives. We are convinced that capitalism and it’s businesses only make sense and have a right to exist if they serve mostly the common good and harm it at no point. That’s why 20% of our profits go to a social project, which is financed and mainly run by i+m – the so far first Women’s Shelter in Zambia.

Our Aim

Frauenhäuser für Afrika e. V. is a public charity dedicated to combating domestic violence in Africa. It was founded and financed by i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN in 2014. Zambia´s first women’s shelter, "Frauenhäuser für Afrika",  is managed and operated by local residents from Kabwe, Zambia, and has been improved and expanded continuously since its founding. Guided by the fundamental principle that every woman has the right of self determination, we are committed to fighting domestic violence against women in all its forms.

The first women’s shelter in Sambia

Our aim is to launch an Africa wide movement to combat violence against women in all its forms. As a first step to achieving this, we partnered with a local resident in Zambia to establish the first women’s shelter. In August 2014, the first women moved into the shelter. It presently provides a home to about one hundred womenand their children every year. In 2015, the shelter reached a milestone by establishing a minifarm to enable the residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables while training their farming skills. In addition, working outdoors and in nature creates an environment which best enables women to work through their traumas.
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Supporter and supporter to be

It is one of our sincere objectives to initiate a women's shelter movement in Zambia and the whole of Africa . The pilot project is the first women's shelter in Zambia, which was founded and built by i+m in 2014 and extended to a 2 hectare huge fruit and vegetable garden in 2015. To develop the women's shelter in Zambia and to finance further women's shelters our shoulders are too small. Therefore we founded “Frauenhäuser für Afrika e.V.” a social charity to attract more partners. You can also become part of this movement with a single or periodic donation to “Frauenhäuser für Africa e.V.” – whatever amount suits you. Thanks!

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Women of Zambia

The right of self determination is a universal right which is independent of gender. It is sadly far from an established or recognized right in Zambia. Women face many forms of discrimination, from physical and sexual abuse to economic exclusion and legal dependence upon their husband’s property. According to international human rights organisations, fifty percent of Zambia´s female population suffers some form of discrimination.

  The Location – Kabwe in Zambia

Blessed with countless waterfalls and a panoramic landscape, Zambia is located on the Central African Plateau. Twice as large as Germany geographically, Zambia has one seventh of the population. Despite rich mineral (mainly copper, cobalt and and gemstones) and water resources, two thirds of Zambia´s population lives in poverty. On the quality of life index, Zambia occupies the bottom ranks: high unemployment; soaring AIDS infections; and an average life expectancy of only 33 years.