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 i+m Women’s Shelter in Zambia

The first Women’s Shelter in Zambia

Many women in Zambia live in uncertain circumstances: the order of the day is violence against women and children, extreme poverty, a high rate of AIDS infection due to polygyny (polygamy) and hardly any form of birth control – also because contraceptives are a taboo topic in the mainly christian informed country. The first Women’s Shelter of the country – financed by i+m – wants to offer these women support, capacity building and a safe shelter. 

About 100 women and their children find refuge there per year. Beatrice and Julliette look after the Women’s Shelter and the women and children concernd. They are trying to find individual solutions for their emergency situation together. A huge vegetable garden has been seving as self-supply since 2015 and at the same time as training opportunity in the field of horticulture and healthy food production. With this activity in nature an envrionment is created in which experiences can be processed better. Our vision is to establish a whole Women’s Shelter movement in Zambia.

  • A heart for Sambia

  • Yoga at the women shelter

  • The women shelter garden

  • Women Shelter Garden

  • Beatrice visiting in Berlin

  • Women Shelter for Africa e.V.

  • Beatrice with foster child

A safe place of refuge

the Women’s Shelter in Zambia, financed by i+m, is a first push to find solutions for the very uncertain situation of the women in Zambia. In 2014 the first women were able to move in the new buildings. About 100 women and their children can find refuge here per year. In 2015 a new phase started with the setting up of a vegetable garden. With this the women can supply themselves and be trained in horticulture and food production. In addition this activities in nature serve as environment to process their experiences better.

New perspectives

The average stay of the women in the shelter is three months. It not only serves as safe refuge but also provides medical care, sex education and legal advice. Thus individual solutions for the women are designed. None of the women had to return to the domestic abuse situation they came from in the last years. Alternatives were found mostly amongst their relatives. To support this, the women have the opportunity to study gardening and horticulture as well as tailoring during their stay in the shelter to develop their own professional perspectives.

Together towards more joy of living

Beyond consulting and trainings, the natural community of the women conributs big time to the success of the project: the shelter provides a safe space where the often severly traumatized women can share their experiences and together gain back their courage and joy of living.

Support Wanted!

You can also become part of this movement with a single or periodic donation to “Frauenhäuser für Africa e.V.” – whatever amount suits you. Thanks!
Since we work without any intermediary donation platform and take on all of the administrative expenses ourself every single Euro of your donation goes straight to Africa.

Achieving much with little money

  • with only 20 Euro four fruit trees can be planted in the garden of the women’s shelter. Thus your donation can support the healthy self-supply of the women.
  • with 50 Euro the transport costs can be covered to get a woman out of the outback, who has an impossible time coming to the shelter on her own.
  • and with 100 Euro another sewing machine for the tailoring pogram can be purchased. Because the women can not only gain skills in gardening but also in tailoring during their three months stay at the shelter. With this you can support the women to develop independent work perspectives.

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