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There is a lot to tell about i+m and our products – foundation, company, quality, product range, engagement, initiatives, ideals, and and and. If you are in a hurry, you will get a short crisp overview in writen form here. If you like it more in detail with lots of pictures, you can surf our whole website – it’s worth it!

About i+m

i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN is a true pioneer in the organic and natural cosmetics branch – and has been active since 1978. We at i+m connect ecology, social engagement and modern lifestyle with our company's values FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN: all our products are manufactured according to the highest standards of organic cosmetics  COSMOS ORGANIC  and certified with the quality seal of the Vegan Society. i+m uses only cold pressed oils, no conservatives and is one of the companies with the  highest percentage of fair-trade ingredients in it's products. 40% of the revenues flow to non profit eco-social projects, amongst them to the first Woman's Shelter in Zambia (East Africa), initiated and financed by i+m.

i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN was founded in 1978 and is one of the most long-standing natural cosmetics company in Germany today. The founder Inge Stamm belongs to the most experienced developer of German's natural cosmetics. Since 2013 i+m has been continued by the two eco-activists Jörg von Kruse und Bernhard von Glasenapp. "We'd like to stay THE most political cosmetics brand, which takes a leading-role for a sustainable and based on common good society with our values FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN," Jörg von Kruse

Since 1978

(Beauty) Ideals

"Change The World With Beauty" –  this principle has always been essential for us and our cosmetics. Like beauty has many faces, every skin has it's individual needs. And that is the reason why we decline the predefined stereotype beauty ideals of the whole cosmetics industry and don't believe in cosmetic concepts either. We rather trust in our customer's body awareness and ability to decide what's good for them. (already our founder Inge Stamm knew: "Try and decide for yourself what's good for you. You are the expert of your body.")

Already our founder Inge Stamm was convinced that pure plant based and as natural as possible active agent combinations are most tolerable and effective. Therefore we solely use cold pressed organic oils, which are not heated nor chemically neutralized in terms of fragrance and color in the manufacture process – sadly enough, that's an exception even in the natural cosmetic branche. All our formulas has been consequently vegan since many years. That makes us also to a pioneer in vegan cosmetics.

Plant Power

One World

"The vision of a sustainable economy that conserves our environment and natural resources demands not only environmental awareness: we have to change our economic structures by moving away from egoism and competition and towards a fair mode of interaction that is aimed at the common good." Jörg von Kruse
This asks for a holistic approach, instead of focusing selectively of only one aspect like organic or vegan. It means to look broadly at themes like ecology, animal proctection and social economy and to integrate them. This is expressed with our value-triad FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN, which we live on all levels of the company.

The many things which we took to hand economically, are best mirrored in short in the following catchwords: away from egotism and greed for profit through common good economy; more joy and creativity at work due to flat hierachies and employee share ownership on all levels; more individuality and contentment at work due to principals of self management; financial independency of the company through self-financing resp. waiver of external financing; stability and quality due to organic growth of the company.

Common Good Economy

Fair Trade

Many of the high-quality natural ingredients for natural cosmetics come from countries in which exploitation is rife. Therefor i+m has pledged to only buy fair trade ingredients if these are available on the market. We are currently working intensively with eleven projects. That makes i+m one of the leading cosmetic brands when it comes to the proportion of fair trade ingredients in its products.

Ecology is for i+m one of the most important roots of the company and is still in the centre of our action today. This is why we  exclusively use organic raw ingredients produced under environmentally friendly conditions. And conserving resources on all levelsis is a stated goal for i+m, including  production, product and packaging design. In contrast to most natural cosmetics brands, we do not use secondary packaging, and all of our packaging is designed to minimise the use of resources and optimise recyclability (cradle-to-cradle principle).


Women Shelter Sambia

As passionate advocate of a common good oriented economy we decided to give 40% of our revenues to not for profit and charitable projects. With this means we for one thing support small eco-social projects and for another thing the first Women's Shelter in Zambia (East Africa), which was founded by i+m. The reinvorcement of woman's rights has been an important concern for i+m since the company's formation.

  • 100% Cosmos Organic certified natural cosmetics
  • 100% vegan – certified by The Vegan Society
  • 100% natural and cold pressed oils of highest quality
  • 100% cruelty free – certified by Cruelty Free International
  • 100% sustainable, cradle to cradle inspired packaging concept
  • 100% without second packaging
  • 100% developed in Germany and produced sustainably
  • 100% free of prabens, ethoxylated surfactants and emulsifiers
  • 100% free of silicones, paraffins and phytalaten microplastic beads
  • 100% free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
  • 100% lactose-free
  • 100% free of aluminium salt
  • Currently we’ve got the following certifications:                              1. COSMOS ORGANIC, the highest standard for natural cosmetics
    2. Vegan Flower, the quality seal of the VEGAN SOCIETY         
    3. The Leaping Bunny, the logo of CRUELTY FREE INTERNATIONAL