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FAIR Editions

Beautiful for a good cause!

  The FAIR Editions are a world improvement activity by i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN. We support small, eco-fair start-up projects with 100% of the proceeds of this Fair Editions. This limited special editions are solely created, produced and sold for this purpose. 

FAIR Editions by i+m

The FAIR Editions idea was born in 2013 out of the wish, to support small, eco-fair start-up projects. In a manner of the crowdfunding principle, i.e. many individuals finance a project together – in our case by buying the FAIR Edition.
It works like this: we find a project that’s worthy of support and best suits us and our values. We than create and produce a FAIR Edition for it – of course all expenses on us. We sell it in our shop and offer it to our merchandizers. The merchandizers should donate their trade margin as well.  Together we advertise the product to enhance publicity and raise the level of awareness about the project. After the sale, 100% of the proceeds goe straight from i+m to the project. Usually the FAIR Editions got a sales value of approximately 10.000 Euro. That’s a significant amount for a small project and a substantial contribution to further develop the wonderful idea and project.
And everyone is a winner – ’cause together we are strong!

All i+m FAIR Editions to date.

  The current FAIR Edition Zambia.

FAIR Edition Zambia

The current FAIR Edition ‘Zambia Shower and Bath Oil’ offers effective and soft cleansing and intensive care – all in one – for demanding and very dry skin. Gently processed and fair traded organic argan oil protects the skin of dryness and high quality organic cedar nut oil supports the skin’s own ability to regenerate. The skin feels extremely soft and tender. Pure shea butter completes the exquisite recipe and strengthens the skin with lots of vitamin E.

A wintery fragrance composition of orchid, magnolia and lillies is complemented with a woody note of patchouli and a soft nuance of vanilla.
» more information about the product in our German shop

With the ‘FAIR Edition Zambia’ body and soul are equally pampered: 100% of the proceeds go straight to the ‘Women’s Shelter of Africa’ initiated by i+m, which offers a safe shelter and capacity building for women who face domestic violance in Zambia/Africa.

These means provide training possibilities in ecological horticulture and tailoring for the women, to be able to build new self-determinded future for themselves. This year the shelter’s own garden project will be expanded by a banana plantation. With this, Beatrice the “Women’s Shelter Mama” wants to further self supply for the residents and concurrently spark their enthusiasm for healthy nutrition.

Our long-term aim is to build other women’s shelter in Africa. For that reason we founded the non profit organization “Frauenhäuser für Africa e.V.” .
But to finance all that on our own, we are too small. That’s why we are looking for partners in this venture. Maybe YOU? Read more about it here.

Alle FAIR Editons Sambia bis heute

All i+m FAIR Editions Zambia to date.