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Special, special, special! Here you find products which are only visiting our i+m product range for special occasions. But doesn’t matter if cooperations with sustainable partners, daring creations or seasonal compositions, our limited editions are of exquisite quality –

just like the whole product range – and of course FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN! And what you can assume by the name, our limited editions are only in stock in limited quantity. And whatever makes itself scarce, is popular. Therefore hurry up and get it, ’cause gone is gone.

NEW–  PETA Animal Rights Edition!

i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN and PETA & animals! So it was natural to create a vegan product together: the PETA Animal Rights Edition Shower Gel

The Animals Rights Edition is a i+m ONE WORLD action, ’cause one Euro of every sold bottle goes to the work of PETA Deutschland e.V. (a german charity)

The animal rights organizationset themselves the goal to help every animal to a better life, by revealing animal torture, educating the public and changing the way of living for the animals. And we at i+m support their plan.

PETA Animal Rights Edition – Shower Gel

Calendula • Ginseng

The shower gel cleanses the body with mild plant based surfactants. The skin is nourished sustainably by agents of the highest organic and fair trade quality. calendula extract and cold pressed wheat germ oil support the regeneraton of the skin. Ginseng stimulates and invigorates. And the delicate powdery fragrance of iris, vanilla and tonka inspires songs of joy during the showering ritual. 

Artnr 70901 | Quantity 250 ml

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