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Wild Life for Men

Lust for Life – Wild Life!

The i+m Wild Life for Men series effectively covers the basic needs of male’s skin with only five multi talent products. Shower Gel and Shampoo, Deodorant Roll On, Face Power Gel, 24hr Cream and Beard Oil are all easy to use, fast acting and with their lively fragrance they provide a kick of freshness for the perfect start to the day or night.  i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN has developed a series especially for men focussing on an effective combination of natural ingredients

with vegan quality. While women collect an abundance of care products most men prefer simple and easy to use products. i+m Wild Life for Men unites the functions of a shampoo, shower gel and aftershave as well as day and night care, a deodorant for freshness and beard care in just five multipurpose products. A modern, fresh fragrance of Mediterranean lemons and ginger make the daily routine a pleasant experience for the senses.

  WILD LIFE FOR MEN – this series effectively covers the basic needs of male’s skin:

Shower Gel and Shampoo

Argan • Witch Hazel

Wild Life for Men Shower Gel and Shampoo: Precious cold-pressed argan and olive oils protect from dehydration, balance the skin’s lipid content and give suppleness. Witch hazel extract soothes and refines skin’s texture. The fresh scent of lime and ginger vitalizes. Suitable for daily use. Skin-neutral pH. To use: Apply to wet hair and body, lather and rinse.

Artnr 71006 | Quantity 250 ml

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Deodorant Roll On

  Lemongrass • Rosemary

Our Roll-On Deodorant is truly a ‚hell of a chap’ amongst natural cosmetic deodo-rants. With an elaborate formula of zinc, natron and rosmary it lastingly eliminates odor in the axillary area and yet no aluminum salts or alum are deployed nor will the natural function of the sweat glands be inhibited artifically. Organic fair trade almond oil will gently nourish the sensitive axillary skin. Organic rosmary and lemongrass will provide invigorating freshness – from morning til night. Absolute top feature: even already occured body odor will be effectively neutralized by the roll-on deodorant – immediate and at any time. To use: apply the deodorant in the armpit at any opportuneness and enjoy your day and night refreshed.

Artnr 71005 | Quantity 50 ml 

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Face Power Gel

Tiger Grass • Hyaluron

A refreshing, fast absorbing gel designed specifically for men’s skin moisturizes and tightens and firms the skin. Aloe vera appeases shaving-related skin irritations, for a revitalized appearance. Summer lilac extract offers the innovative anti blue light effect, which protects the skin from damage caused by blue screen light.To use: Gently massage into cleansed skin. Apply morning and evening.

Artnr 71002 | Quantity 50 ml

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24h Cream

  Hemp • Hyaluron

The fast absorbing face cream with regenerating and soothing hemp oil meets the specific needs of men’s skin. Hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting moisture. For a vital, slightly matte finish. Summer lilac extract offers the innovative anti blue light effect, which protects the skin from damage caused by blue screen light.To use: Morning and evening, gently massage into cleansed skin.

Artnr 71003 | Quantity 50 ml  

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Beard Oil

Argan • Lemongrass

The oil easily absorbs and makes your beard-gorgeousness tamable and easier to groom. Precious high quality oils regenerate and soften bristly and fuzzy facial hair. Lemongrass sheds a delicate fresh scent.To use: Apply a few drops and rub it into your beard and skin.

Artnr 71004 | Quantity 30 ml

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